Step 1 - Calculate your loads

Appliance Watts each Quantity Watts Total
Light Bulb (CFL) 11W x = 0
Light Bulb (LED) 5W x = 0
Light Bulb (Down Light) 50W x = 0
Television (32") 70W x = 0
Television (40") 100W x = 0
Television (50") 150W x = 0
Television (55") 180W x = 0
Television (60") 200W x = 0
DSTV Decoder 45 x = 0
Gaming Console 200W x = 0
WiFi Router 15W x = 0
Laptop 75W x = 0
Computer 150W x = 0
Other x = 0
Other x = 0
Other x = 0

Total Watts: 0W

Your Leading choice for Renewable Energy Products!

Who is Hudaco Energy?

Hudaco Energy is a member within the Hudaco Industries Group that supplies sustainable renewable energy and battery storage solutions, combined with supporting Installers, EPC’s and Distributors with premium products and integrations.

Hudaco Industries believes in social and environmental responsibility and believes in ethical conduct that requires its business members to do the same. Hudaco Group continuously builds sustainable relationships with its business partners. Hudaco and its members have an obligation to all partners and stakeholders to provide high standards of integrity and fair operations.

Hudaco Industries is a JSE listed company

Trusted Since
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Hudaco's Mission

Hudaco has been an important part of the South African business landscape for more than a century. Our mission is to develop and manage a sustainable business for the long-term benefit of all stakeholders, in both current and future generations.

Hudaco sources branded products, mainly on an exclusive basis, directly from leading international and local manufacturers.

The value added includes product specification, technical advice, application and installation training, commissioning support and troubleshooting, channel development and after sales warranty support, combined with ready availability at a fair price.

Hudaco seeks out niche areas in markets where customers need, and are prepared to pay for, the value Hudaco adds to the products it distributes.

The group has a network of specialised branches and independent distributors throughout southern Africa to ensure product availability to its customers (and in turn, to theirs).

a proud member of the


Our Super Star Team

Dianne Russell


Mark Jance


Brandie Russell


Marvin McKinney


Our working progress

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