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Are you struggling without back-up power at your home and need a solution fast? We have the best back-up solutions available for you to choose from.

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*Kit pricing is 0% interest over 18 months

* Installed Solutions are financed via 3rd party on rent-to-own over 36-60 months, and must be quoted individually.

Input Power Supply

Three-Point Plug into the wall socket. This will charge your battery when the power is restored. Cable and plug included.

Positive Battery Connection

Positive Battery cable (RED/+) connected to the Positive Terminal (RED/+). Cables are included.

Negative Battery Connector

Negative Battery cable (Black/+) connected to the Negative Terminal (Black/+). Cables are included.

Output Power Supply

The output Adapter is located on the back of the unit. This is where you can connect a multi-strip plug or extension cable. Here is where you plug in all your devices you will keep powered during loadshedding. This cable is not included.

These devices include Lights/Lamps, TV, Fans, Wi-Fi, Laptop/Computer.