Who is Sungrow in South Africa?

Sungrow is one of the leaders in solar innovation and is more widly known as “the worlds most bankable inverter brand”. Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. (“Sungrow”) was founded in 1997 by University Professor Cao Renxian and maintains an innovative technical R&D team which consists of over 2600 employees.

If you are looking for the best commercial and residential inverters, look no further, Sungrow is the leading brand in the solar industry and with their feature-rich designs, with high quality components to save you time and money.

Hudaco Energy is a premium distributor of Sungrow products in South Africa. We offer a full range of string inverters, single and three-phase hybrid inverters, and commercial large-scale storage solutions. Ordering your Sungrow Inverters online is easy through our partner portal, become a partner. We also offer free training to our partners on all our Sungrow products to ensure you take advantage of all the built-in features.

The Best String Inverters for Industrial Solar Plants

Our value-added services will leave you and your customers smiling! We offer our partners the best warranties, with a national footprint, and excellent customer support. Our partners reap the rewards of a tiered discount structure as well as certified training.

Hudaco Energy Supplies Sungrow SH Hybrid Inverters

Flexible Application

Energy Independence

User Friendly Setup

Smart Management

Hybrid Inverters

These Hybrid Inverters combined with our High Voltage Lithium-ion Storage Units are perfect for residential and commercial solar projects. It’s so easy to add battery storage to the system with the plug-&-play functions and can be completed within an hour!

You can combine energy from the grid or solar energy and store it in the SBR HV LFP battery modules. Save energy and money with our versatile hybrid inverters and storage solutions, the feature-rich designs of the inverters and battery modules help to provide a seamless solar installation.

Get the most out of your solar panels with these affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly hybrid inverters and storage modules!

Hudaco Energy Supplies Sungrow CX Range String Inverters

High Power Yield

Smart Operating and Management

Save on your Investment

Proven Safety and Security

String Inverters

Our CX String Inverter range has been the most bankable inverter for the last 3 years! The CX range comes in 33kVA, 50kVa and 110kVA to cater for all your Commercial and Industrial markets.

These CX String inverters have multiple MPPTs with a High-Power Generation system to push the efficiency to 98.7% and are compatible with bifacial modules. These String inverters also have built-in PID recovery, Type I and II DC and AC surge protection and much more! Saving your time and money on your solar projects!

The CX series are some of the most popular Hudaco Energy’s string inverters because of their reliability and bankability!