Households and businesses hoping to take advantage of the National Treasury’s solar tax incentive will need to act quickly if they want to get a rebate on the cost of their solar panels. Announced by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana during his 2023 Budget Speech, the incentive allows individuals to claim a rebate of 25% on the cost of new solar panels up to a maximum of R15 000.

Despite calls from Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa late last year for the incentive to be expanded to include batteries and inverters and for the term to be extended, National Treasury has held firm, saying the current terms and conditions of the incentive will stand

This means that those still considering getting a home solar installation must ensure that the system is installed and a Certificate of Compliance is issued by a master electrician by the cut-off date of 29 February.

What you need to qualify for a solar panel rebate

With the deadline looming, Hudaco Energy is geared up to assist households in realising their solar dreams in time to get a rebate from the tax man. This includes a highly personalised quote system that helps families and business owners identify the best system size for their needs and pocket in minutes.

The Hudaco Team also assists households with finance applications, scheduling installation (from accredited partners), organising final documentation, and answering clients’ questions.

New and unused solar panels with a minimum generation capacity of 275 watts

Solar panels must be installed at a residence and form part of a system connected to the home’s DB board

Submit a VAT invoice detailing the solar panels’ cost separate from the other system elements

Proof of payments to the solar installer

Certificate of Compliance from a master electrician detailing when the system was used

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